First blog post

by Roger Resler

Hello to all! This is my first attempt at blogging. I’m going with the “let’s lower expectations” from the start strategy so what follows will appear brilliant by comparison.

In any event, assuming I keep up, (which is anything but certain) this blog will hopefully be a place where I can share amazing insights into the uber-fascinating world of wedding and special event videography.

To accomplish that lofty challenge, I will, no doubt, simply share some of the best experiences we’ve had from actual weddings. We’ve either been really lucky or really blessed to have had really great clients. Either that or the bridezilla repellent we purchased must be working.

In any event, we shall see how quickly (or unquickly as the case may be) I can figure out how to post more material including, hopefully, some photos and maybe even some video.

All the best!

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Roger Resler is the founder of Arizona Wedding Video

“Because your wedding is not just another ordinary day.”


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