No Regrets

by Roger Resler

After life has run it’s course and you’re looking back on it all, what will you regret not doing? Well hiring a professional videographer to capture your wedding may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but, then again, you never know!

I was speaking with a mother-in-law-to-be about her son and future daughter-in-law’s upcoming wedding. It sounded like it was going to be a major affair. An outdoor wedding at a very fancy venue, 400-500 guests, one of those huge, lushly decorated tents, fancy DJ and a big band, and even the possibility that Sandra Day O’Connor might perform the ceremony. (Apparently she is a personal friend).

Okay, she had my attention. Being a wedding videographer…. well, let’s just say, you know what I was thinking! I couldn’t not ask her… so, when opportunity finally presented itself, I casually asked: “So have you hired a videographer yet?”

“No,” she said with a genuine air of disappointment, “and they don’t want to!”

I shouldn’t be surprised at this response. I am, after all, a trained professional. Nevertheless, after hearing for the last ten minutes or so about how special—no, how unique—this wedding was going to be, I have to admit, when I popped the question I was not expecting a flat out, “No, we don’t mess with your kind!” Okay so that’s not exactly what she said, but that’s pretty much what I heard.

The truth is, this mother of the groom was on my side. She wanted a video of the wedding. She understood the value. Apparently her son and future daughter-in-law did not. Nevertheless, realizing what was at stake here (I mean if this would have been a fishing expedition, it had all the makings of developing into “the mother of all ‘the one that got away’ stories”) –realizing what was about to take place, I immediately deployed counter-measures. “How can they have Sandra Day O’Connor officiate at their wedding and not capture it on video?” I asked, expecting the profundity to work it’s magic.

“I know! I’ve tried to tell them!” she said. As it turns out, money—as it is roughly 99% of the time—was apparently not the issue. She had even offered to pay for videography! What?! (Are you feeling my pain yet?) You can’t be serious, I thought, but somehow managed to hold back. “They don’t want the cameras there and they think they would only watch a video once anyway.”

Ouch! M-a-n! Hit the cameraman when he’s down!

I have to admit, I was ready to confront the ole’ “we just don’t have the budget for video” ploy (even though we just spent $30,000 on the world’s best photographer—not that I’m bitter)  but this?! They don’t want video cameras there? They will only watch it once? I admit, she got me with that double salvo. I was mortally wounded and struggling to work up an on-the-spot-come-back but the hopelessness of the situation began to dawn on me. My fish was going to swim away and leave me with nothing but the tale and no amount of smooth talking was going to reverse the situation.

I don’t know whether mom finally prevailed and they hired a videographer or not. But the entire conversation made an impact on me. Besides giving my ego a serious shellacking, it hit home (as if I needed reminding) that there are couples out there getting married that simply don’t want the service I provide. But is that really the case? Or is it something they might actually come to regret someday?

When you consider that for substantially less than the cost of an arm and a leg, you can hire a professional to digitally video tape your wedding using multiple high-definition cameras, combine the results with music, effects and menus to produce what just a few years back would have cost a small fortune… well, we simply live in a remarkable age.

So why isn’t every couple standing in line to hire a videographer? It may be that the image of the low resolution, over-exposed, blurry, was-he-shooting-from-the-deck-of-the-Titanic(?) wedding video that never ends still prevails in the minds of many brides. Or it could be that today’s brides are simply over-exposed to technology. Or, maybe they simply think, we’ll only watch it once, so why go to the trouble? (No doubt they think exactly the same thing about their $30,000 wedding photos **rolls sarcastic eyes**—but I’m not bitter!)

That brings us back around to the concept of no regrets. While there may be some elements to your wedding that are simply beyond your control, the fact is not hiring a professional wedding videographer is not one of them. It comes up time and again. I don’t even need to cite statistics. Just do a google search if you doubt me. One of the top regrets for most couples after the wedding is that they did not hire a professional videographer. So why didn’t they? Well, unlike our money-is-no-object mom, they usually reasoned: I am on a tight budget and I just can’t afford video. Given that I drive a Kia minivan, I get that. In fact what couples are spending on weddings amazes me. But what I don’t get is how could they spend that much, put that much effort and planning into this once-in-a-lifetime day and then not preserve the memories on HD video?

Is it really just a matter of, we’ll probably only watch it once?  That’s not what my clients are telling me. In fact I recently heard that one bride was recently “caught” by her husband watching the video repeatedly because she loves the way she looked in her wedding dress! Another bride lost her brother to a car accident a few weeks after the wedding. She watches the video as the last happy memento she has of her and her brother together having a good time. There are many reasons to re-watch a wedding video. For one thing, virtually every couple I provide DVDs to tells me we captured things they would have missed otherwise.

If your wedding is captured on video, you won’t miss the vows, recitations, special music or poems at the ceremony, as well as the message given by the minister. You won’t miss the cheers of your friends and family at the reception, and you will hear every word of their speeches, hear their laughter and see the tears of joy. You can not only see, but re-experience your first dance, cake cutting and bouquet toss. And most likely, you will see many things you simply would have missed otherwise. If your wedding is like most, it may even be one of the few times you have all your family members together in one place. And when you have children you will be able to share the magic of your wedding with them. Why let all that slip into a distant memory when you don’t have to? In short, nothing captures these unrepeatable events like a professional video. And there’s no better time than your wedding to take advantage of it. No regrets. Here’s one that doesn’t have to be.

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