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Mambo Italiano

June 14, 2011

by Roger Resler

You knew it was going to be a fun evening when the best man quipped: “There’s so many Italians here, I’ve been informed that the F.B.I is on high alert,” which, of course, brought the house down. If any couple was ever meant to be together, Frankie and Kim top the list.  You’d think a couple with looks straight out of a Bridal magazine might be a little stuffy. Not so. In fact there was never a dull moment at their wedding, and rarely a time when smiles weren’t ear to ear. Even from the vantage point of your humble videographer, this event seemed more like a joining of families than a marriage of bride and groom.

The Happy Couple!

When you’ve been in the business of capturing weddings for as long as we have, you’ve seen just about every kind of wedding imaginable. From the small and intimate to the large and glamorous.  Of course having both the ceremony and reception at a multi-award-winning, 5-star resort never hurts. Kim and Frank chose Montelucia, in Paradise Valley, Arizona as the perfect location for their nuptials. With it’s bright colors, gorgeous chapel, well manicured lawns, mountain views and numerous fountains, it easily made for the perfect photo and video backdrop.

Montelucia, Paradise Valley, AZ – Courtesy of Photo Verdi

While Frankie and Kim’s wedding celebration certainly had glitz and glamor, what really made it unique and special were the people.  And the smiles weren’t just coming from the bride and groom–although they certainly ended up with more than their fair share. All had come to vociferously celebrate. The laughter, the cheers, and even group singing (mostly on-key) to what must have been every Italian song ever recorded in English went nearly non-stop from the first kiss at the ceremony to the bouquet toss several hours later.

I do! – Courtesy of Photo Verdi

It was the kind of wedding so many brides dream of having. A celebration of true love with just a few (300 or so!) close friends and family. So what is the secret? What made this wedding a truly happy occasion while others can end up being less than memorable? I would say first and foremost: a couple truly in love.  That’s where the infectious smiles come from.  It’s impossible to fake that or manufacture it. But when it’s real, happy memories will follow. And people want to be a part of it. It creates the kind of environment where a videographer would almost have to be a novice to miss the magic.

Another key–especially for the bride–is to let someone else handle the day-of details. Whether that is a professional wedding coordinator or simply a trusted friend or family member. The most memorable weddings are those where the bride and groom simply take it all in and enjoy each other and each moment rather than trying to micromanage things.

We’ve been fortunate to have been there to capture  many truly memorable weddings.  It’s what makes my job so rewarding. It’s the feeling I get when I’m nearly finished with many hours of editing and everything is finally coming together. By that point, I’ve watched the various elements so many times from a technical point of view, you would think it would all become a blur. And, in all candor,  sometimes at 3:00 am it does. But in the end you know you had some great raw material to start out with when even the videographer–who’s seen it 357 times–still gets a little choked up when watching the final version just before delivering the masterpiece to the client. My thoughts on this particular occasion? I really think Kim and Frank are going to love this! 

Apparently my hunch was correct. Here’s exactly what Kim had to say on a review she left for us at

What an amazing video we received from Roger! Not only do the DVDs have the best quality & sound, they have his special touches from music, video clips, interviews, to the beautiful pics all over the cases etc. If you are newly engaged, do not overlook the video, call Roger & you will have the best memories that last a lifetime!!! Thanks again Roger for such a beautiful job!!!

Non-stop smiles!

That’s what it’s all about. That’s what makes the many and repetitive editing hours worth it. And by the way, thanks Kim, for the great review!

And while the creative/artistry aspect is, to me, the most rewarding part of the job, even the best of creativity can’t reach it’s full potential with a less than stellar technical foundation on which to build. That’s why we capture each wedding with multiple professional HD cameras and high quality digital audio recorders. It’s why we come prepared with lights, extra batteries,  high quality digital tapes and microphones and even an optional camera crane.

When you hire Arizona Wedding Video to capture your wedding, you can be confident that when everything comes together–the planning, your friends and family, the minister, the flowers, musicians, colors, DJ… in short the magic… we’ll be there to ensure it’s captured and preserved in a truly professional, yet beautiful manner.

See a video of this wedding here.

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Jewish Wedding – The Art of Celebration

February 24, 2011

David & Jaimeby Roger Resler

We shot a wedding in October, 2010 for one of the nicest couples we’ve ever met: Jaime and David. We seem to be fortunate in that the couples who hire us tend to be really nice people. David and Jaime are at the top of the list of all-around “niceness.” Of course it generally doesn’t hurt the niceness factor to be head over heals in love!

The wedding took place at Montelucia, which, of course, is a fabulous  location to begin with! The ceremony took place outside facing the gorgeous mountain backdrop and the weather was bridal- magazine perfect.

Jaime was escorted down the aisle by both of her parents (dad was smiling, mom was crying!) and then, as is traditional, she circled the groom three  times, he then circled  her three times and they both rotated in a circle once, for a total of seven, which, of course, is the magic number.


The couple then listened to the traditional challenges, blessings and exhortations and then exchanged rings and vows as the sun set.

Earlier in the day, an ornately decorated document called a Ketubah was signed by both the bride and the groom in the presence of witnesses, and it was now read for the audience.  And in keeping with tradition, as the ceremony came to a close, a glass was wrapped in cloth and then smashed by the groom accompanied by cheers of  “mazel tov!” by all present.

I was told that the idea behind the breaking of the glass is that the glass is broken so the marriage will not break, or stated another way, the marriage will last as long as the glass stays broken, ie. forever.

Later in the evening, as the reception was getting underway, an excellent live band called “Limelight” featuring the usual guitar, bass and keyboard was also accompanied by a talented trumpet player and lead singer.

Once the traditional Jewish music got started there was no stopping the fun! The entire room was alive with dancing in circles, clapping, twirls, high-fives and kicks. The bride and groom were then hoisted on chairs, waving napkins to the delight of the crowd.

Speeches were given by  friends and family  including a hilarious  and tear-jerking tome  by the best man.

The cake was cut and  bouquet tossed in the  usual manner, with the  bride’s sister making a perfect catch.  All in all, it made for an unforgettable day!

Jaime and David had hesitated to spend the money on video given all the expenses they were dealing with, but as the day drew closer they realized they needed to include video. In the end, they knew they had made the right move as they now have all these happy memories (and many more) captured and preserved on HD video. Someday their children and grandchildren will be able to experience the magic of their wedding as well.

Thanks for the opportunity to capture your wedding, Jaime and David, and for the fun we had doing it! Mazel Tov!

Click here to see a video of this wedding.

Copyright © 2011 – Roger Resler, Arizona Wedding Video, LLC. Phoenix, Arizona. , all rights reserved. Phone: 602-618-2033 (All original blog entries on this site may be reposted elsewhere without prior approval provided this  information block as well as a link back to this blog are included).

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Roger Resler is the founder of Arizona Wedding Video

“Because your wedding is not just another ordinary day.”