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What I Can’t Tell You In A Thumbtack Quote (but wish I could).

September 13, 2014

by Roger Resler

So you’re looking for a wedding videographer. You’ve input your data into “Thumbtack” and are now getting responses. What factors should you consider as you wade through the quotes you’re receiving?

Thumbtack limits the typed characters in our initial quote in order to ensure that each quote you receive will be as brief and to-the-point as possible. But this severely limits the information vendors can provide there. The question of which wedding videographer to hire is not exactly like choosing where to eat tonight. While couples these days are generally tech-savvy, most do not often ponder things like 1080p vs 1080i, stabilization, white balance, color correction, synchronization, audio capture, etc.

Of course I want you to choose my quote (or provide me with more information so I can give you one). Nevertheless, even if you ultimately decide to pass on my quote, there are still some things I can share with you that might help as you consider hiring a wedding videographer.

1. Is price really the most important factor?

Is the lowest quote always the best quote? What is more important to you: to have a great wedding video or to get a wedding video at a great price? Obviously the best answer is both. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to get a great wedding video and get it at a great price. While price is certainly a key factor, it’s not the only factor and, in fact, it’s probably not the most important factor.

2. If price is not the most important factor, what is?

When considering something like which brand of tortilla chips to buy, the difference in quality may not overrule the difference in price. When considering larger purchases, like a car for example, then the balance between quality vs. cost becomes more of a challenge. Again, we tend to want both quality and a “good deal.” The quality vs. bargain dichotomy can be especially challenging, however, in the case of a wedding video because hiring a wedding videographer is probably not something you’ll do very often.

3. So how do you know if you’re getting high-quality?

That’s the real question. This is especially problematic if you’re like most people who don’t spend hundreds of hours each month working with video. You probably watch TV or go to the movies, so you know what really good cinematography looks like, but you’re probably not up on the intricacies of what it takes to create it. That’s where the demo comes in. And that’s why I encourage you to watch at least a few of our videos and compare them with those from the “other guys.” I could speak all day about the technical aspects of what it takes to produce one of those videos but nothing could better convince you that you’re getting high-quality when you hire Arizona Wedding Video than simply watching our videos.

There’s one caveat to that.  People’s tastes vary greatly. That’s what makes the world interesting. So while you may or may not like the striking tattoos on the bride (for example), or maybe you don’t like country music (or whatever it may be), keep in mind that the video you are watching was custom made for the tastes of those in the videos. Your video will be tailor-made to fit your tastes.

4. Arizona Wedding Video is built on the idea that – even though they’re both important factors – quality outweighs cost in the decision to hire a wedding videographer.

The bottom line is: Your wedding is not just another ordinary day. It’s not that we’re  just looking for an excuse to charge exorbitantly high prices (which, if you shop around, you’ll see we don’t do anyway). But it is the notion that there’s really some truth behind the phrase: you get what you pay for. I don’t know of an easy way to produce high-quality video that doesn’t involve a lot of detailed work. If I did, I’d probably be watching movies on my yacht right now. (I don’t have a yacht, by the way).

I can’t speak to the content and “value” of the other quotes you received through Thumbtack but I do know how much time, effort, patience and expertise is required to produce a high-quality film. (Consider how long it takes a large team of professionals in Hollywood to produce a movie).

A client recently told me that she did receive lower quotes through Thumbtack but when she followed up on them she discovered that the price would be higher if she actually wanted what she had asked for in her request. Obviously, the low quoted price was just a (deceptive) means of hooking a potential client. At Arizona Wedding Video, we don’t do things that way.

If that’s what it’s come down to for you, and you believe you will get a great video at an even greater price than our quote, then by all means, hire the other guys. But before you do that, could I ask you something? Could you please shoot me an email ( with the details? If there’s another company out there that can do what we are doing for a significantly lower price, I am genuinely interested in hearing the details. If it’s true, then, by all means, hire them. I suspect it’s more likely that we’re comparing apples to oranges. If that turns out to be the case then you’re better off finding out before you make a once-in-a-lifetime decision. In the end, you win either way.

Happy videographer hunting! : )

Roger Resler is the founder of Arizona Wedding Video

“Because your wedding is not just another ordinary day.”